Brain Drill – Quantum Catastrophe

Metal Blade Records
Produced by Brain Drill & Zack Ohren

If I didn't know better upon first listening to this album, I would have sworn that technical death metal experts Origin had released a new album without my knowledge. The guys in Brain Drill, being students of the tech death sub-genre, would probably take this observation as a compliment, and that's more or less they way it is intended.

This album is Brain Drill's sophomore full-length effort, and it sees the band maturing in terms of growing past the virtuosity-for-the-sake-of-virtuosity mentality that seemed to be one of the few factors holding their debut album back from being truly great. Turning this proverbial corner is an important step in this sub-genre, and one which Brain Drill has taken rather quickly. This bodes well for the future of the group, because bands that can successfully pass this first stage gate are the ones who generally will achieve true success and recognition in a sub-genre which is rapidly becoming sated with bands whose chops-for-the-sake-of-chops approach leave them simply lumped in with dozens of other "good" tech death bands who are unrecognizable from the rest of the heap.

The rolling riffs in the middle of Awaiting Imminent Destruction and at the end of Monumental Failure, for example, aren't simply brutal, fast and clean - they are compelling. They demand head-banging, and more importantly, repeated listening. Other standout moments include the track Beyond Bludgeoned, and especially the album-closing title track, which weighs in at sixteen minutes long - quite an anomaly for a band of this ilk (granted, the final five minutes primarily consist of creepy ambient effects that mainly add up to so much filler, but still the track rages on for over ten minutes of face-melting chaos before getting to this point).

At the end of the day, Brain Drill manage to migrate from just "good" towards the direction of "great", based on building upon a firm foundation of virtuosity on their debut album to reach a new plateau of brutal, fast, ultra-clean, and most importantly, compelling songwriting. This means simply that Quantum Catastrophe is well worth a listen, and the prospects for the next album look quite hopeful indeed.

“ sees the band maturing ”

Tracklist: Obliteration Untold / Beyond Bludgeoned / Awaiting Imminent Destruction / Nemesis of Neglect / Entity of Extinction / Mercy To None / Monumental Failure / Quantum Catastrophe

Written by Chris Poling
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