Metalfest Open-Air 2010 (Hungary)

Budapest, Hungary

May 21-23

HUF 12,990/€49,- (three-day ticket)
€99,- (three-day VIP ticket)

Confirmed Bands:

Day 1 (21/5)

Hammerworld Open-Air Stage

22:45-00:00 Sonata Arctica 1h15m
21:10-22:15 Lamb of God 1h5m
19:45-20:40 Deathstars 55m
18:20-19:15 Nevermore 55m
17:05-17:50 Deicide 45m
16:00-16:40 Eluveitie 40m
15:00-15:40 Nevergreen 40m
14:00-14:40 Elvenking 40m
13:10-13:40 Crossholder 30m

Rock Stage

02:00-02:40 Dreyelands 40m
01:00-01:40 Wendigo 40m
00:00-0:40 Vader 40m
23:00-23:40 Marduk 40m
22:00-22:40 Sadist 40m
21:00-21:40 Nameless Crime 40m
20:00-20:40 Artas 40m
19:00-19:40 Agregator 40m
18:00-18:40 Winter of Life 40m
17:00-17:40 Ad Astra 40m

Talent Contest Stage

15:25-15:45 Funebre 20m
14:55-15:15 Dim Vision 20m
14:25-14:45 Behind Your Fears 20m
13:55-14:15 Don Gato 20m
13:25-13:45 Keeper of Dreams 20m

Day 2 (22/5)

Hammerworld Open-Air Stage

22:45-00:00 HammerFall 1h15m
21:10-22:15 Sabaton 1h5m
19:45-20:40 Finntroll 55m
18:20-19:15 Legion of The Damned 55m
17:05-17:50 Brainstorm 45m
16:00-16:40 Dalriada 40m
15:00-15:40 Decapitated 40m
14:00-14:40 Astral Doors 40m
13:10-13:40 Steelwing 30m
12:20-12:50 Vale of Tears 30m

Rock Stage

02:00-02:40 Stigma 40m
01:00-01:40 Dope Stars Inc. 40m
00:00-0:40 Emergency Gate 40m
23:00-23:40 Sylosis 40m
22:00-22:40 Nightmare 40m
21:00-21:40 Megazetor 40m
20:00-20:40 Hard 40m
19:00-19:40 Velvet Seal 40m
18:00-18:40 Kafebár 40m
17:00-17:40 Empty Dreams 40m

Talent Contest Stage

15:25-15:45 Kerecsensólyom 20m
14:55-15:15 Fading Circles 20m
14:25-14:45 Nasmith 20m
13:55-14:15 Sollen 20m
13:25-13:45 Thornwill 20m

Day 3 (23/5)

Hammerworld Open-Air Stage

22:45-00:00 Twilight of The Gods 1h15m
21:10-22:15 Amon Amarth 1h5m
19:45-20:40 Korpiklaani 55m
18:20-19:15 Death Angel 55m
17:05-17:50 Arkona 45m
16:00-16:40 Kalapács 40m
15:00-15:40 Varg 40m
14:00-14:40 Leaves' Eyes 40m
13:10-13:40 Powerwolf 30m
12:20-12:50 I Divine 30m

Rock Stage

02:00-02:40 Damned Spirits' Dance 40m
01:00-01:40 Stereochrist 40m
00:00-0:40 Cauldron 40m
23:00-23:40 Manticora 40m
22:00-22:40 Secret Sphere 40m
21:00-21:40 Chronology 40m
20:00-20:40 Magma Rise 40m
19:00-19:40 Virrasztók 40m
18:00-18:40 Ideas 40m
17:00-17:40 Persefone 40m

Talent Contest Stage

15:25-15:45 Deadwing 20m
14:55-15:15 The Morning Star 20m
14:25-14:45 Magor 20m
13:55-14:15 Stiff Bastard 20m
13:25-13:45 Flúg 20m

Miking The Goatmachine CANCELLED

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Where known, bands are listed in order of status, starting with headliners (in bold). All line-ups are suject to change. Some festivals are subject to license. Booking fee and postage charges my apply to online ticket orders.

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