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This second compilation for the Norwegian singer focuses entirely on his solo career rather than his career as a whole as The Gathering did. But where that collection comprised new re-recordings of many of the songs, there is nothing here for fans who have collected all of Jorn's releases so far. No new songs, no b-sides, not even the Japanese bonus tracks from previous albums. Licensing issues have clearly played a part as any song seemingly from either the Starfire or Worldchanger are actually re-recorded versions from The Gathering. Even a couple of the tracks from Out To Every Nation, an album actually released on AFM Records, are the re-recorded versions. On top of this 2008's Lonely Are The Brave is heavily over-represented with six of its eight original tracks appearing here. New listeners are probably better off getting either The Gathering or Live In America, a double-CD live recording with a couple of studio bonus tracks. Jorn is known to record a lot of extra songs for his albums for use bonus tracks, so expecting some here, even if they're just new re-recordings or live tracks, is not unreasonable and their absence is disappointing.

Written by Andy Lye
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