Edguy - Islington Academy 2009

Tinnitus Over Europe Tour
London - January 10
Capacity 800

Edguy touring in the UK is still a rare thing despite their increasing notoriety. Last time around they had to settle for supporting Dragonforce, who were their support act everywhere else in Europe. So this headline show has been a long time coming.

One-dimensional Swedish rockers H.E.A.T. opened with their straight-forward brand of AC/DC-ish rock; some loved them, most went to the bar. Then former Angra front-man Andre Matos filled the 'special guest' slot, playing a couple of Angra standards amongst tracks from his solo album Time To Be Free and closing with a cover of Journey's Separate Ways (World's Apart). His set was a lot better than H.E.A.T.'s, but the sound mix left his vocals a little buried and the material wasn't really varied enough to compensate. Again, the bar did good business.

This all helped Edguy's cause, of course, with the fans arguably more eager for their set than they were before. They took a reasonably big risk opening with three new songs from new album Tinnitus Sanctus, which is a little too far removed from the classic Edguy sound for some, but they chose three high-tempo tracks which seemed to go over well, particularly Nine Lives, which has the best chorus of the three.

They played five new songs in total, including Ministry of Souls which sounds much better live than on the CD, but unfortunately didn't include album highlight Sex Fire Religion, and later wasted precious minutes with a drum solo when they only had a limited amount of time on stage. But these were really the only two mistakes they made in an otherwise well-received set which hardly ever let the pace drop.

For many fans the highlight was the inclusion of a trio of lesser played old songs in Pharaoh, Until We Rise Again and The Headless Game, and this helped to balance the disappointingly predictable closing trio of Out of Control, Lavatory Love Machine and King of Fools. Power ballad Save Me fared surprisingly well, and was probably Tobi Sammet's vocal peak of the night, and Superheroes, probably the track responsible for raising their profile with many younger fans around previous album Rocket Ride enjoyed a particularly favourable reception as main set closer.

Although only a small venue, it was sold out and the support for Edguy, who's headlining activities in the UK have been unjustly limited, probably indicates enough interest to make coming back a viable option. Perhaps after Sammet's next Avantasia release.

“ hardly ever let the pace drop ”

Andre Matos Setlist: Letting Go / Rio / Nothing To Say / How Long (Unleashed Away) / Lisbon / Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) / Carry On

Edguy Setlist: Dead Or Rock / Speedhoven / Nine Lives / Until We Rise Again / The Pharaoh / Ministry of Souls / Drums / The Pride of Creation / The Headless Game / Save Me / Superheroes // Out of Control / Lavatory Love Machine / King of Fools

Photo(s): Johan Eriksson | www.rockersdigest.com

Written by Andy Lye
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