Queensrÿche - IndigO2 2008

Operation: Mindcrime Tour
London - June 22
Capacity 2,350

Amazingly, with Operation: Mindcrime II, the sequel to career high-point concept album Operation: Mindcrime, having been out since 2005, Queensrÿche had never played their full Mindcrime stage show in the UK until this tour.

The show itself, captured on last year's Mindcrime At The Moore DVD, is familiar to a lot of fans, but a surprising number in attendance hadn't even heard the Operation: Mindcrime II album, let alone checked out the live DVD. As such the first half of the show, a three-hour marathon in total, was seemingly far more well-received than the second.

But the unequalled storytelling aspects of these albums, the band currently playing at their best, and the on-stage theatrics to aid the storyline, all combined to hold the interest of the entire crowd and people completely unfamiliar with the second hour of the set still seemed to find it thoroughly involving.

Not many people will ever say that the first album isn't the superior of the two, and as such any show like this is always going to be better at the beginning than at the end, but the second album is still strong enough to hold its own, and together, capped by an encore of songs from other albums, they make for an outstanding live show. The encore selections were a little obvious, and not playing London from Rage For Order can certainly be marked down as a missed opportunity, but after an hour of songs a large portion of the crowd couldn’t join in on, three 'hits' for them to sing-a-long with were widely welcomed.

It's been a long time coming, but was well worth the wait. Now that the UK, one of the last places to experience the full Mindcrime show, has seen it, many fans would like Queensrÿche to leave it behind and put together a new interesting set of songs old and new. The US has had the pleasure of a recent hits set with the inclusion of several of the covers from latest CD Take Cover, so they have showed they are ready to do something different in territories that have seen the Mindcrime show. Creative bands always are.

“ unequalled storytelling ”

Setlist: Anarchy-X / Revolution Calling / Operation: Mindcrime / Speak / Spreading The Disease / The Mission / Suite Sister Mary / The Needle Lies / Electric Requiem / Breaking The Silence / I Don't Believe In Love / Waiting For 22 / My Empty Room / Eyes of A Stranger // Freiheit Overture / I'm American / One Foot In Hell / Hostage / The Hands / Speed of Light / Signs Say Go / Re-Arrange You / The Chase / Murderer? / Circles / If I Could Change It All / An Intentional Confrontation / A Junkie's Blues / Fear City Slide / All The Promises // Best I Can / Jet City Woman / Empire

Written by Andy Lye
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