Exodus - Let There Be Blood

Zaentz Records
Produced by Gary Holt

Essentially Let There Be Blood is a complete re-recording of Exodus' debut album Bonded By Blood with current vocalist Rob Dukes as a tribute to original vocalist Paul Baloff who died in 2002.

Something discussed even before Baloff's death, founder and guitarist Gary Holt didn't intend for the album to be an attempt to recapture past glories, especially with the band producing albums of the quality of The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A and Shovel Headed Kill Machine, but entirely as a tribute and a celebration of Paul Baloff and the contribution he made with the rest of the band to thrash metal.

Of course it also gave the current line-up an opportunity to modernise the songs with up-to-date production and technology, giving them the same razor-sharp sound as their recent albums. With their current sound, and Dukes' aggressive vocals, the old songs have never sounded more vicious.

Bringing these songs up to date in terms of production has also shown how good they were in the first place. Many rightly regard Bonded By Blood as a timeless classic, and these new recordings prove that they will always be cornerstones of both Exodus' catalogue and the thrash genre, fitting nicely alongside their more recent output. Several of them are still regularly included in their live set today.

This shouldn't be considered a replacement for Bonded By Blood; more a companion. One all Exodus fans should want, and new thrash fans need.

“ never sounded more vicious ”

Tracklist: Bonded By Blood / Exodus / And Then There Were None / A Lesson In Violence / Metal Command / Piranha / No Love / Deliver Us To Evil / Strike of The Beast

Written by Andy Lye
More: 2008, Albums, Thrash Metal,

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