Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus

Nuclear Blast
Produced by Sascha Paeth

Normal service is resumed for Tobias Sammet, straight off the back of his World tour supporting his latest Avantasia album The Scarecrow comes the eighth offering from his regular band.

The band's aim on this record was to introduce new elements to the established Edguy framework. This is only half a success, as most of the 'new' elements seem to be lifted from the new Avantasia framework instead, which really was a departure from previous efforts.

Ministry of Saints shows a lot of early promise with a big BLS main riff and dark verses, but the chorus ends up being a straight ahead rocker like on the Avantasia album The Scarecrow. Things look up immediately though with Sex Fire Religion; something new and different and a great vocal melody in the verses. Even the chorus doesn't let it down and although the rumbling bass is more prominent than guitars at times the big main riff and particularly a big roar from Sammet and a nice solo later on definitely make it a winner.

Unfortunately, with so many good aspects to Sex Fire Religion, The Pride of Creation matches each one with some poor. Simply a weak, uninteresting AOR track, worse than any of the less-great tracks on The Scarecrow. Nine Lives has some more darker riffing here and there but the chorus again undoes any good work, drifting too far from metal towards neat-and-tidy rock, just like its predecessor.

Wake Up Dreaming Black is classic Edguy, of which there's not much to be said. It's as good as most of their album tracks. Dragonfly is better again. Slower, more anthemic, measured. Thorn Without A Rose sounds like the uninspired rock ballad it is before it even starts, and 9-2-9 just sounds like one of the blander tracks from The Scarecrow with a little bit of older Edguy thrown in.

Speedhoven picks up the pace a little with touches of Helloween and a blazing solo after the slower mid-section, but Dead Or Rock, which already sounds like the title of a cliché fist-pumping '80s rock anthem, is exactly that, with some trademark Tobi Sammet comedy lyrics and some solid riffing.

And no Edguy album would be complete without a comedy bonus track, this time in the shape of some knee-slapping country with Aren't You A Little Pervert, Too, which does what it says. Markedly less heavy overall compared to Superheroes this is not Edguy's strongest effort, but isn't terrible either. A long-overdue headlining tour, including the UK, in support of the album kicks off in January, once they're done supporting Kamelot in North America.

“ only half a success ”

Tracklist: Ministry of Souls / Sex Fire Religion / The Pride of Creation / Nine Lives / Wake Up Dreaming Black / Dragonfly / Thorn Without A Rose / 9-2-9 / Speedhoven / Dead Or Rock / Aren't You A Little Pervert, Too

Written by Andy Lye
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