Metalium - Nothing To Undo: Chapter Six

Produced by Lars Ratz

German four-piece Metalium are one of the most consistent bands on the scene at the moment. Debuting in 1999 with Millennium Metal they're now on their sixth full length album in eight years, a period which has also seen the release of two DVDs and a live EP. It's a work ethic that harks back to the bands of the 70s, and it's something the fans particularly appreciate when the albums are all of such a high quality.

Retaining the same line-up for five year now no doubt goes a long way to maintaining their own high standards, and musically their sixth release follows perfectly from their previous efforts; it's heavy, fast and powerful. Lyrically they've changed direction slightly. On previous outings they've tackled historical events and characters, as so many other power metal bands do, but on Nothing To Undo they're tackling the human nature, it's dark side, and the more hopeful aspects like honour and friendship.

Anthemic intro Spineless Scum leaves you in no doubt as to which direction they're coming from with this album. The lyrics are spoken in an ominous, evil voice by vocalist Henning Basse, and speak of lost hope and sold honour. Leading directly into the frantic double-bass drumming of Spirits with Matthias Lange's searing guitars and Basse's strong vocals. The pace continues at its heady rate for another two tracks, each one a slab of perfect power metal.

It's not until Mental Blindness that the pace changes slightly. No, not a power ballad, just a slower, and arguably heavier, track. Almost Saxon-esque for much of the song, the progressive break in the middle, with effects-laden bass and a revert to the spoken vocals of Spineless Scum allows the emotive solo even greater impact.

Heroes and the anthemic Dare are Brainstorm-esque power metal stompers, while Way Home is a passionate piano led power ballad. The closer is a cover of the Queen, slightly heavier than they did it, but no less passionate of grandiose in it's nature. Surely a strong contender for a live favourite.

Nothing To Undo is a guaranteed winner in the metal World. It's not breaking any barriers, but it's stepping up to them and with ease. The fans will not be disappointed.

“ perfect power metal ”

Tracklist: Spineless Scum / Spirits / Mindless / Straight To Hell / Mental Blindness / Heroes / Way Home / Dare / Follow The Sign / The Show Must Go On

Written by Andy Lye
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