Dio - Holy Diver Live

Eagle Vision
Produced by Ronnie James Dio

Another live DVD from Dio matches the live album of the same name released a month or two prior, recorded in London last year on the Holy Diver Tour, so called because the band were playing their most successful and popular album in its entirety for the first time.

Unintentionally the band line-up for this DVD is the same as the last one. In actual fact the guitarist in the band at the time was Craig Goldy, but having injured his arm on tour in Russia just a month prior, former member and current Whitesnake man Doug Aldrich returned to complete the tour, once again joining drummer Simon Wright, bassist Rudy Sarzo (no one has ever enjoyed playing for Dio more than this guy) and keyboard player Scott Warren.

If we forget the fact that this DVD, and indeed the show it was taken from, was supposed to be a three-hour spectacular, an hour of which Dio didn't play, this could have been a fantastic DVD. The picture quality is mostly great (the 'aerial' camera was clearly of inferior quality to the various hand-held ones), the colour depth is astonishing and the sound is better than the CD version. We do however have to suffer the exceptionally lame intro video to the Holy Diver album in which Ronnie cheesily name-checks every song on the record in an attempt to form some kind of little story, complete with flaming eyes, appallingly rendered computer generated dragons and lightning coming from his finger-tips when he makes The Sign (you know the one).

Unfortunately this is prevented from living up to its predecessor, Evil Or Divine, by some amateurish camera-work. In particular one very shakey camera at the front of the stage constantly struggles to keep up with the movement of the band members, who it has to be said do very little running around, while the other one seems to have misplaced his zoom control, spending many of the shots zoomed in so close you can count the hairs up Ronnie's nose. Some equally amateurish over-editing on the faster songs is also a problem. The pace of the editing seems to match the pace of the songs, so the shortened rendition of The Sign of The Southern Cross is very enjoyable to watch, while the faster Tarot Woman is a nightmare, for example.

Big Dio fans will love this regardless, it's still a good product, as most Eagle Vision releases are, and the set-list will appeal greatly to the older fans but as suggested before, the set-list really could have done with some re-vamping with lesser-played songs. Elsewhere on the tour Ronnie has played tracks such as The Eyes from recent album Master of The Moon and I from the awesome Black Sabbath album Dehumanizer, so why the night of the recording had to include the same tired old songs as previous years (and lose an hour of the advertised set) doesn't really make much sense. A missed opportunity.

“ astonishing colour ”

Tracklist: Tarot Woman / The Sign of The Southern Cross / One Night In The City / Stand Up And Shout / Holy Diver / Gypsy / Caught In The Middle / Don't Talk To Strangers / Straight Through The Heart / Invisible / Rainbow In The Dark / Shame On The Night / Gates of Babylon / Heaven And Hell / Man On The Silver Mountain / Long Live Rock and Roll / We Rock // Bonus features: Interviews

Written by Andy Lye
More: 2006, Heavy Metal, Live DVDs,

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